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Download the WOPD v3.2 Updater
Fixes issues with Lab and RGB colored objects. Selects first white OP art found. For all single user copies (not site licensed) of WOPD for AI CS6.

White Overprint Detector for Illustrator CS6 and CC
• Automatically scan for white text and art set to overprint when a document is opened
• Manually scan the document with the White OP Detector menu command to check after fixing

Purchase Information - $5.00 per Mac
• Click the "Add to Cart" Button below
• Enter the number of licenses desired in the quantity field
• Proceed to Checkout or continue shopping to add more items to your cart

• Your software will be sent as an emaill attachment to the address used when purchasing
     (Please be sure your email system is okay with incomming .zip file attachments)
• UnZip the email attachment and copy the file named "WOPD.aip" into your Illustrator Plug-ins folder
• (Re)launch Illustrator
• White OP Detector will appear under the Object menu
• Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned by selecting Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts...<Menu Commands><Object><White OP Detector>
Demo Versions
• There is no Demo version
• There is a 30 day money back guarantee
• Please purchase only one individual user license to try out. Refunds are limited to a single license per title.
• If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, send a note to info@worker72a.com requesting a refund. Your purchase will be refunded within 24 hours, no questions asked. (Please send the refund request from the same email account used when ordering)

Individual User Licensing & Copy Protection
• You will be sent a unique, licensed plug-in for each license purchased.
• Each unique copy must be installed on a different Mac
WOPD will not allow duplicate copies of itself to run on your network. So, if you want to install it at work and on your home laptop, a duplicate copy of WOPD will run on both. If you bring your laptop to work, WOPD will not run on both.

Please select CC or CS6 version below to purchase a license for 1 - 19 users.
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CS6 Only Version (v16)

CC Only Version (v17, 18, 19)