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QuickCarton for Illustrator CS6 and CC
• Create Corrugated Carton Layouts in Inches or MM.
• Build a complete corrugated carton layout in less than a minute.
• Two Carton Types - Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) and Half Slotted Carton (HFC).
• Enter Outside Dimensions or Inside Dimensions for C Flute or B/C Flute.
• Configure Panel Arrangement, Enter Dimensions, Click the Create button and you're done.

Here's What You Get:
QCTN Panel
• Die Lines   • Dimensions   • Copy Safe Areas   • Registration Marks   

Purchase Information - $35.00 per Mac
• Click the "Add to Cart" Button below
• Enter the number of licenses desired in the quantity field
• Proceed to Checkout or continue shopping to add more items to your cart

• Your software will be sent as an emaill attachment to the address used when purchasing
     (Please be sure your email system is okay with incomming .zip file attachments)
• UnZip the email attachment and copy the file named "QuickCarton_(CS6 or CC).aip" into your Illustrator Plug-ins folder
• (Re)launch Illustrator
• The QuickCarton menu command will appear under the Object menu
• QuickCarton will appear as a floating, dockable panel.

Demo Versions
• There is no Demo version
• There is a 30 day money back guarantee
• Please purchase only one license to try out. Refunds are limited to a single license per title.
• If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, send a note to info@worker72a.com requesting a refund. Your purchase will be refunded within 24 hours, no questions asked. (Please send the refund request from the same email account used when ordering)

Licensing & Copy Protection
• You will be sent a unique, licensed plug-in for each license purchased.
• Each unique copy must be installed on a different Mac
QuickCarton will not allow duplicate copies of itself to run on your network. So, if you want to install it at work and on your home laptop, a duplicate copy of QuickCarton will run on both. If you bring your laptop to work, QuickCarton will not run on both.

Please select CC or CS6 version below to purchase a license for 1 - 19 users.
Site license price is $700.00 USD. Click HERE to request purchase info.
CS6 Only Version (v16)

CC Only Version (v17, 18, 19)